Journal of Business Studies


An electronic copy of manuscript should be submitted to the Editor-in-chief, Dr. D R Saklani at E-mail : in MS-Word doc file. The length of the article/paper should, preferably, be between 20 to 40 pages. In order to enhance the standard of the journal the editorial team has resolved to make it a refereed journal. Therefore, all the papers/articles received will go through the process of preliminary review by the Editorial Board and those shortlisted will be sent to blind review by the experts in the concerned area.

  1. The file should contain separate title page which should provide the name(s) of author(s) along with institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail id and telephone number. The name(s) of the author(s) should not appear on any page of the manuscript other than title page.
  2. Desired Paper/Article Format:
    • Paper/Article Title
    • Abstract( including Keywords and JEL Classifications)
    • Introduction/Statement of Problem (including Literature Review)
    • Objective(s)of the Study
    • Hypotheses(if any) to be Tested
    • Research Methodology (describing the instrument/questionnaire used, sample size, data collection and tools of analysis).
    • Results/ Findings and Discussion
    • Summary/Conclusions and Suggestions (if any)
    • References
  3. One separate page including title of the article and abstract should be included in the manuscript. The length should not exceed 300 words. The abstract should be brief, self-contained and explicit. The objectives, methodology and findings should be clearly stated in the abstract.
  4. The submitted manuscripts should be original piece of work. Such work should not have been published in any other journal and also should not be under consideration for publication in any other form. The author(s) should send declaration stating that the paper is neither published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  5. The text should be double spaced and typed in Times New Roman style with a font size of 12 pts. and 1 inch margin all around. Use standard indentation for paragraphs.
  6. Footnotes should appear at the bottom of the page on which they are cited / referenced.
  7. Table and figures should be numbered in roman numerals and should appear in the body of the manuscript. All tables, charts and graphs should be black and not in colour. Sources of data should be duly acknowledged.
  8. All charts and graphs should be drawn neatly and figures should be indicated in million and billion. Tables and figures should contain self-explanatory titles. Footnotes, italics, and quotation marks should be kept to the minimum.
  9. Equation editor should be used to type mathematical equations used in the study.
  10. Research methodology used in the paper should be explained in detail. Time period of the study must be mentioned therein.
  11. All copyrights are reserved with the Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi. The author(s) are accountable for copyright permission for any part of the content of their article. The views expressed in the article of this journal would be those of author(s) and would not reflect the opinion of the College. The author(s) are required to sign the "Transfer of Copyright" agreement before article is published in the journal.
  12. References should be arranged alphabetically by the last name of the first author of each work. If you have more than one work by the same author(s), list them in order of the year of publication, starting with the earliest. Follow Title Case for the Titles of Papers, Books, Articles and Journal titles etc.
  13. References from the Papers/Articles in Journals should follow the following format:

    Single Author Saklani, D.R. (2004): Quality of Work Life in the Indian Context: An Empirical Investigation, Decision, Vol. 31(2), p.101-135. Double Author Seth A. K. and Shalini Goyal (2004): Liberalisation Trade and Growth: A Comparison of India and China, Decision, Vol. 31(2), p.78-100. Multiple Authors Yates J. F., Jagacinski C. M. and Faber M. D. (1978): Evaluation of Partially Described Multi-attribute Options, Organizational Behaviour and Human Performance, Vol. 21, p.240-251.

    References from books should be in the following pattern:

    Khurana, P.K. (2011): Export Management, Galgotia Publishing Company, New Delhi, India. In the case of more than one author, the same pattern as prescribed for references from Journals should be followed.
    1. The decision of the editorial board regarding the publication of article in the Journal of Business Studies would be final.
    2. We do not charge processing fee or any other fee for publishing your contribution.