Journal of Business Studies


The Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, which publishes the Journal of Business Studies, is very particular about the matters relating to ethics and professional code of conduct while short listing papers for publication in the journal.

In order to ensure a certain level of standard, paper that violates the guidelines specified to the contributors/authors is outrightly rejected. Every Paper that makes to the final list must be of a certain minimum size and in a specified format structurally.

Further, a member of the Editorial Team/Editorial Board is not allowed to have his/her paper published in the Journal as a matter of principle. As specified in the Guidelines, every paper must pass through a two-stage review process. In order to ensure highest standards of probity, the review process also includes blind review by an outside expert in the relevant area from outside the college.

A very stringent policy is followed to ensure the articles and research papers are original work of the authors. The research papers and articles which are received are thoroughly checked for plagiarism before being published.