Journal of Business Studies


Volume NUMBER V-VI, 2012-14

Dr. Daniel Okunbor,
Dr. Shivani Arora
Dr. Wilhelmina Djoleto

E-Commerce Applications: A New Perspective with Special Reference to Higher Education Institutions in the United States of America.

Prof. K.V. Bhanu Murthy
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha

Global Trends of Foreign Direct Investment.

Dr. Vinay K. Srivastava
Ashish Kumar Singh

Customer Preferences Towards Banking Services in Ghaziabad.

Dr. Lovleen Gupta

Non-Performing Assets & Banking Market: A Structural Analysis.

Dr. A.K.Saini
Dr. Puja Khatri
Ms. Kimi Thareja

Examining the Tripod Relationship between Employee Cognition, Corporate Culture and Employee Behaviour.

Dr. Monika Chopra
Prof. Deeksha Singh Kumar

An Empirical Study of Overseas Financing by India Inc through Depository Receipts and FCCBs: Analysis of Linkages among Critical Factors and Impact on Stock Price Returns.

CA. Daya Shanker Sharma
Dr. G S Batra

Empowerment of Women - A CSR Initiative by Indian Companies.

Prashant Prakash

Resource Mobilisation and Old Age Pension across G20 Countries: Lessons for China and India.

Dr. Suman Ghalawat
Dr. Neeraj Kaushik

Framework of Work-Life Balance for Employees' Satisfaction in Banking and Insurance Companies.

Dr. Masroor Ahmad Beg

Growth-Mixed Poverty in South Asia: Some Issues

Dr. Yagnesh Dalvadi
Ms. Manali J Patel

Impact of Advertisement Expenditure on Sales and Financial Performance of Consumer Durables Companies of India.

Dr. Dr. K. Kalaichelvan

Camel Rating Assessment On Select Merged Banks In India

Nirmal Singh

FDI in India and its Impact on the Indian Economy.

Prof. Sanjeev Mittal
Prof. MSS Raju
Gagandeep Singh

The Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability - An Empirical Analysis of Fertilizer Companies in India.

Dr. Pardeep Kumart
Dr. Kanwal Jeet Singh

Status and Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Health Sector in India.

Dr. Garima Gupta
Ms. Sanjeewani Sehgal

Factors Contributing to Service Innovation: A Framework, Synthesis and Research Directions

Dr. K. Karthikeyan

Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian Telecom Sector.

Dr. Anjala Kalsie

Capital Control: An Experience of Indonesia, Korea, India, Malaysia and Thailand

Dr. Shruti Jain
Ms. Kriti Swarup

Foreign Institutional Investment in the Indian Securities Market - An Econometric Application with Special Reference to NIFTY.

Dr. Masroor Ahmad Beg

Growth-Mixed Poverty in South Asia: Some Issues

Dr. Shikha Rajput

Performance Evaluation of Equity Fund Schemes in India.

Dr. Suneel Kumar

Tourism Industry in Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Preeti Singh
Ms. Richa Dani

Does SEBI Require a Super Regulator for Capital Market Stability? (An Appraisal).

Mahesh Kumar
Ms. Pragya Madan
Dr. Narinder Kaur

Demographic Changes and Current Economic Crises: Some Lessons for India

Vinod Kumar Yadav

Role of Entrepreneurship Development Programme in MSME Development with Special Reference to Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Shalini Gupta

Impact Of Dividends And Debt On Firm Value

Ms. Rati Dhillon

New Company Law Bill and its Implications on CSR- A Cautioned Approach.


Ethics and Values in Good Governance.

Ms. Areema Pandey

Regulatory Framework of Merger & Acquisitions Law in India: Transformation of MRTP Act into Competition Act.

Ms. Pooja

Entrepreneur: Stumbling Lessons of Fate and Fiction