Journal of Business Studies


Volume NUMBER V-VI, 2012-14

Dr.Shivani Arora
Dr. Adheesh Budree

Key Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SMI:) Sector: A Case of South Africa.

Prof. K.V. Bhanu Murthy
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha

East Asian Financial Crises: Some Stylized Facts and Lessons for India.

Arun Kumar Attree

Job Satisfaction and Intention to Stay Among Employees of IT Sector: A Case Study of Companies in Delhi and NCR..

Dr. Anurag Agnihotri
Dr. Inderjeet Dagar

Empirical Analysis of Weak Form of Efficiency in Indian Stock Market-A Case of Event Studies.

Dr. Vanita Tripathi
Ms. Neerza

Determinants of Private Equity Investment A Survey of Private Equity Investors in India.

Dr. Meetakshi Pant

Total Factor Productivity and Financial Structure of Cement Industry.

Anayatullah Nayaji
Prof. Shahid Ahmed

Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth in SAARC countries.

Atul Gupta

A Critical Review of Service Quality Scale (SERVQUAL) with Customer Experience Quality Scale (BXQ).

Dr. Suman Ghalawat
Dr. Neeraj Kaushik

Framework of Work-Life Balance for Employees' Satisfaction in Banking and Insurance Companies.

Dr. Suneel Kumar
Dr. Ramlal
Ms. Krishna Kumari

Socio-Economic Development and Environmental Impact of Ambuja Cement Plant Darlaghat Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Saurabh Agarwal

Investment Decisions: Are Demographic Variables Relevant?

Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
Dr. Vijay Vrat Arya
Dr. Neeru Suman

Trends and Analysis of Equity New Fund Offer (NFO) : An Empirical Analysis

Dr. Meera Mehta

Paradigm of Non-Performing Assets in Indian Banking.

Ms. Deepti Gupta

Grassroots Innovations for Sustainable Development.

Prof. S.V. Pathak
Ms. Priyanka Gupta

Analysing the Adequacy of Training Programmes in Select Indian Research Institutions.

Ms. Renu Arora
Dr. Archana Singh

Evaluating Credit Risk Assessment Models of Indian Public Sector Bank.

Dr. Lovleen Gupta
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

The Performance of IPOs from the Indian Banking Industry: A Study of Public Sector Banks.

Ms. Ritika Bhatia
Dr. Manjula Jain

Skill Gap Analysis: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks With Special Reference to Moradabad City.

Dr. Megha Aggarwal

The Role and Relevance of Option-Implied Volatility in Financial Markets.

Ms. Gurpinder Kaur

How far is monetary policy effective in controlling prices?

Dr. Sheetal Kapoor

A Study on the Impact of Stock Market Performance on Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Approach.

Rakesh Kumar Singh

Trends, Determinants, and Macroeconomic Effects of Remittances on India.

Dr. Manish Nangia
Dr. Harish Handa

Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of a New Retail Store By an Entrepreneur.